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of dogs drew our attention to a c▓luster of squalid huts tucked away● in

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a productive grove.Every fe▓w miles were gangs of coolies who fell ▓to chattering excitedly

  • in▓to womanhood, even
  • in face of th
  • e four sons
  • that▓ rolled
  • about the bungalow
  • ; 395plump-cheeked
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when we cam▓e in view, and, dropping shovels and ba▓skets, squatted on their

  • ,▓ robust little tots
  • , with enough● nati
  • ve blood in th
  • eir veins to thriv
  • e ●in a land wh
  • ere children of whit
  • e parents w●aste
  • away to apathetic in
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heels, starin●g until we had passed, nor heed▓ing the frenzied screaming of high-ca

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ste “st●raw-bosses.” Substantial bungalows for a▓dvancing engineers

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were building on comman▓ding em

inences along the way.The carpe▓nters were Chinamen, slow workmen wh▓en judged by Western standards, but evinci●ng far more energy than native or Hindu.▓ The

migratory Mongul, rare in Ind●ia, unknown in Asia Minor, has inv


aded all the l▓and of Burma.F

ew indeed are the vill▓ages to which at least one wearer of ▓the pig-tail has not found his way and▓ made 396himself a force in ▓the community.His household commonl●y co

nsists of a Burmese wife a●nd a troop of half-breed chi


ldren; and it is whi●sp

ered that the native women ar▓e by no means loath to mate with t●hese aliens, who often prove ●more tolerant and provident husbands than the B●urmen. Those Celes

tial residents wi●th whom we came in contact were shre●wd, gra

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sping fellows, far differe●nt from the gay and prodigal n

  • valids. ▓ We slept on the veranda hig▓h abov
    • e the river, and, in spit●e of the
    • thirty-two miles in our le●gs and the f
    • ever that fell upon James during▓ the
    • night, rose with the dawn, eager● to
    • be off.As we took o
    • ur leave, the engineer
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  • ▓ held ou t to us a handful of r▓upees. “Just
    • to buy your chow on t▓he way, lads,?/li>
    • ?he smiled. “No! no!” pro▓tested Jame
    • s, edging away.“We’ve bled you en●o
    • ugh already.” “Tommy rot●!” cri
    • ed the adventurer, ?/li>
    • 癉on’t be an ass.W●e
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  • ’ve all been in the same boat a●nd I’m only paying
    • back a little of what’s▓ fallen to m
    • e.” When we still refused, he ca●lled u
    • s cranks and no true sold▓iers of for
    • tune, and took leave of us at ●the edge o
    • f the veranda. Si
    • tta●ng was a mere bam
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  • boo villag e with a few▓ grass-grown streets that fa
    • ▓ded away in the encircling w●ildernes
    • s.In spite of explicit direction▓s from the
    • engineer, we lost the path and plunge
    • ●d on for hours almost at random through
    • a tr▓opical forest.
    • Noonday had pass▓ed b
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at▓ive merchants.The pair in whose shop ●we stifled an overgrown hunger, well on ●in the afternoon, received us coldly a●nd served us in moody silence.Their stock in t▓rade was exclusively canned goods● among which America

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n labels were not lacking.● Their prices, too, were reminiscent▓


of the Western world.When we had ▓paid them what we knew was a just amount, ▓they hung on our heels for a half-mile, sc▓reaming angrily


and clawing at our tatt▓ered garments. Where the western section o▓f the embankment ended began a more op▓en country, wi


th many a sluggish st●ream to be forded.We were alrea●dy knee-deep in the first of t●hese when there sounded close at ha▓nd a snort like the blowing of a whale.●I glance


d in alarm at the rushes about us.●From the muddy water protruded a dozen ugl▓y, black snouts. “Crocodiles!” screamed● James, turning tail and splashing by me.▓ “Beat it!


” “But hold on!” I● cried, before we had regained the bank,  癜These things seem to have horns.”▓


The creatures that had s●tartled us were harmless water buffa●loes, which, being released from their day’●s labor, had sought relief in● the mud


dy stream from flies and the blazin●g sun. As the day was dyin▓g, we entered a jungle city, named Kai▓kto, and jeopardized the hon●or in whic

衢州市 磐安县 浦江县 武义县 龙游县 常山县 开化县 舟山市 岱山县 嵊泗县